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Listen translatesd sentences

Hi everybody

Today, when we have to translate english sentences into foreign lenguages we can't hear the pronunciation of the sentene once answered. I think that would be wonderful if we could listen the pronunciation of those sentences.

July 14, 2013



I agree with you. That would be very useful.


To do this you can click "discuss this question" and click the speaker at the top to hear it again. It'd be nice if they made it more easily accessible though.


cannot agree more


Ii think it would be a great help for me to remember each new word and it's use if I had to practice writing it 5 times and use it once in my own sentence. Any Ideas out there as to how this can be incorporated in the lessons? - Thanks in advance -


I can add here that is several occasions there is more that one proposed correct solutions, and it would be nice to have the option to listen all of them, especially in cases where the differences are hard to listen.


Good idea! This can be useful

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