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  5. "Noi non siamo mai stati qui."

"Noi non siamo mai stati qui."

Translation:We have never been here.

July 14, 2013



I am looking at a list of verbs that take essere in the present perfect, and stare is one of them.

others: andare, apparire, arrivare, cadere, diventare, entrare, essere, morire, nascere, partire, restare, rimanere, ritornare, salire, scendere, tornare, uscire, venire, vivere.

It says, "The present perfect of intransitive verbs- those that do not take a direct objecdt- is formed by combining the present tense of essere and the past participle of the verb. Most of these verbs usually express movement (arrivare), lack of movement (stare), a mental or physical state (arrossire), or some process of change (invecchiare)...

Past participles conjugated with essere agree in gender and number with the subject of the verb."

(Practice Makes Perfect: Italian Verb Tenses, p. 80)


What part of this sentence decides that we use "essere" (siamo) instead of "avere" (abbiamo)?

I must be "stati" but the English translation is quite awkward.

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