"My brother decided everything"

Translation:Min bror bestämde allt

December 12, 2014

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When can you use bestämma with sig and when without? I thought it is always used with sig.


Bestämma sig = make up one's mind

Bestämma = to decide, determine, set


Shouldn't "allt" be "allting" (all vs everything)?


What is the difference between besluta and bestämma ( or in this case, beslöt and bestämde)?


Besluta is to make a decision, preferrably considering the options and reaching a conclusion, while bestämma is to just decide and might imply the decision is a bit arbitrary and/or non-democratic. But the nuances are quite subtle.

By the way, the word besluta is a bit peculiar, in that it can be conjugated both strongly (beslöt) and weakly (beslutade) and they both sound right.


Does "strongly" and "weakly" imply a difference in meaning, or is it simply two variant spellings that mean the same?


It doesn't have any difference in meaning, "strong" verbs are the ones that have a vowel change in the past tense while "weak" ones are conjugated regularly.


OK, thanks! I hadn't heard that before.


We have some words like that in english, for example, spelled and spelt (maybe we have more words like this than you, because it doesn't feel like a particularly unusually occurence to me in english). Then we have some other words where that past and present tenses are exactly the same, like set or put.

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