"Tak for minderne"

Translation:Thanks for the memories

December 12, 2014

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selv om de var ikke så store


Even though they weren't so great?


Is this meant in the sarcastic way that my British mind cannot help but read it...? :)


What's the singular, mind or minde?


It is "et minde, mindet, minder, minderne." You can always check any noun and their forms from Ordnet. Here it is for minde:


I also use this site to check for the past or perfect conjugations of verbs; and forms of adjectives. Very helpful!


I really do not understand what this is supposed to mean; in which situation would I say it? To tell somebody what exactly? In German (I am a German speaker) it is not common to thank people for memories.


It's about learning the words. You shouldn't focus on the situation. I mean duolingo has many ridiculous sentences but the aim of these is to get you familiar with words and their meanings.


In the meantime I have found out that it is phrase used in obituaries or in situations in which something has ended, for example when a cultural center has been closed for ever. Thus, a very specific use.

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