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A question about 'Feelings' skill

I'm not there yet, but is there the word 'depressed' in the 'Feelings' skill? If not, do you know what it is called in Swedish? I want to know because I have been depressed at times and knowing it in another language would be awesome.

December 12, 2014



It is not in the skill. And whether it should be or in the medical skill, and how it should be translated depends on what "depressed" means for you. "I have been depressed at times" sounds like "deeply sad, maybe without reason" (which is not automatically depression and mostly isn't). This can be translated with deprimerad.

A medical depression is just depression in Swedish. As far as I experienced this word and its derivatives are not as easily used for normal mood swings as it is usual in other languages (which just trivializes a deadly disease).


Thank you very much! Have a lingot!


Why are you so depressed?

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