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  5. "Noi beviamo il tè."

"Noi beviamo il tè."

Translation:We drink tea.

December 13, 2014



I would say the translation to this should be "we drink THE tea". Hmm


They are improving it over time, as their backend STT tools improve..I am very happy that they allow oral practice and have somewhat acceptable tools to judge our sayings!


I notice that the accent mark for té descends from right to left, whereas the accent mark on the verb è descends from left to right. Is the verb è the only case when the accent slants that way?


The speaking ones are too lenient. I purposely garbled the words eeally bad and it accepted it.


No im the opposite! I can say it bang on and it wont accept.


The same thing happens to me, it usually happens when I press the speaking button when I'm done instead of letting it finish itself.


Her voice is very difficult for me to understand sometimes as she pronounces Il and I the same as if both were pronounced the same. She also slightly pronounces Noi as Moi if you aren't using headphones.


Don't worry, learn italian is easier than learn english. When you learn italian the pronounciation is exactly as you write.


lol i put in "I eat the tea"


when to use il, why need to use il here. I remember vino doesnt need to add il in the sentense. i bevo vino~


beviamo il "venti latte"

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