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"The children are weaker than us."

Translation:De kinderen zijn zwakker dan wij.

December 13, 2014



It rejected the answer "de kinderen zijn zwakker dan we". What is the explanation of why it HAS to be "wij" and not "we"?


In this sentence you're comparing. "Wij" is the emphasized version of "we". This post explains it better: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/3734337


In English you can say either "The children are weaker than us" or "The children are weaker than we are". Can you never say "De kinderen zijn zwakker dan ons" in Dutch?


Actually, that's one of our common mistakes that we make! But it is grammatically incorrect. You always have to use the personal pronoun.

We also tend to say: 'De kinderen zijn zwakker als wij.' Ouch! Or worse: 'De kinderen zijn zwakker als ons.' A mnemonic for als/dan would be 'hetzelfde als en anders dan' ('the same as, and different than').


No, "zwakker dan ons" is technically incorrect. However, many native speakers make this mistake as well, so probably it will eventually make its way into the official language.


de kinderen zijn zwakker dan ons.. is dit goed of niet?


Since you use the horrible grammatical error "us" in English, why not use the horrible grammatical error "ons" in Nederlands.

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