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Can't access certain discussions

Hi, I've tried to look at certain French and Spanish discussions (I like to answer questions in those discussions) and yet I get an error 404 even when the question is perfectly acceptable. I have to look on the profile page of the OP to see the comments. Could this be a glitch or something?

December 13, 2014



Some discussions bring up a 404 error for whatever reason. Likely due to too many comments, but also for no known reason to end-users like us.


It also happens for new discussions, so it can't be the number of comments.


I assume you're talking about sentence discussions. As I understand it, this is what's going on:

  • Previously, changing a reverse translation would create a new sentence discussion and the old sentence discussion would remain accessible via its URL. This is no longer the case.

  • Previously, deleting a sentence from the course would leave the corresponding sentence discussions accessible via their URLs. This is no longer the case.

  • There was bug where the translation would not show up on some sentence discussions. This bug has been fixed, but new sentence discussions may have been created for those sentences and the defective sentence discussions may have been deleted.


That makes sense, thanks for the reply.


I have the same problem. All other functions seem to be working but the discuss sentence button produces no response at all for me. Not 404 or anything. I have received 404's a couple of times in the past but this is different. I thought it was my browser at first because of the lack of response but because it is intermittent, that doesn't seem likely. I wonder if Duo is doing an A/B thing again. It is unrelated to the number of comments. Pages with a hundred comments respond while pages with only a few do not .

Edit: now none of the discuss comments buttons are working. (for me).

Edit: Came back after a few minutes and rebooted computer. Now everything is working normally. Not sure what happened but everything on Duo is responding the way it should. (for me)

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