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"El horno en mi cocina es blanco."

Translation:The oven in my kitchen is white.

July 14, 2013



i speak spanish perfectly and this audio is bad


English = Stove ( entire cooking appliance that has burners, an oven and a broiler )

Spanish = el horno? = Is this just the oven part.. or is it used like we use stove, for the entire appliance?


i did that too, looks like cocina is stove (as well as kitchen), horno is just the oven


Same question here. What's the difference between oven and stove?


This gets complex. Personally, I have an oven which has burners on the top (a stove) and the part below where you bake and roast things called an oven. Some people have separate units: a stove top located in one place and an oven or ovens located in another place. The stove top might be on a counter top and the oven(s) could be located in a wall. This is most typically for a more expensive house, in my opinion. I hope this helps.


Estufa is a heater but also a stove in Mexico, Guatemala, and Colombia. Horno is an oven, with or without a stovetop.


Why is cooker not correct?


When is "horno" an oven and when is it a furnace? Does it depend on context?

[deactivated user]

    Yes, it depends on context: in a house the furnace belongs to the heating system, for example in a basement or garage. Instead, the oven is in the kitchen and that's where "we cook".


    In English we rarely refer to the "oven" unless it is to turn it on or off or if it is a wall oven separate from the stove top. When we refer to the appliance which has a stove top an an oven, we refer to it as the "stove".


    Why furnace is incorrect?? X____X


    You are more likely to have an oven in the kitchen. A furnace would be in a basement or possibly garage. I am from the South in the USA. We don't have furnaces in this region; we have heaters that are usually part of our central air conditioning system.


    Thank you for the information FLchick. Now I understand it, greetings!


    They corrected my 'oven' answer to say that furnace was the right word, now I'm confused.....


    Same with me. I've been corrected twice now that it should be furnace. Who has a furnace in their kitchen?


    i thought furnace could work also!


    I think when I did it wrong, duo said the right answer was furnace...i am pretty sure.


    A furnace can be el horno or la caldera.


    In English we call the oven a cooker a lot of the time but that is not accepted here. Odd!!!


    I see some concern with horno as oven vs stove. I learned that the word for stove is estufa.


    I believe that stove should have been one of the correct answers. The two words are synonyms in my world.


    Our stoves might have ovens, but ovens are not stoves. "Estufa" is "stove" in Spanish.


    the oven in my bathroom is also white. We should be best buddies!!!


    The kitchen screams "COWABUNGA BRO 'BOUT TO CATCH SOME SICK WAVES DUDE!!!!"(please read in surfer dude voice)


    In an earlier lesson, it was stated that horno meant either stove or furnace


    Duo keeps letting me use either oven or furnace (usually preferring me to use furnace) and now that I use furnace, I'm marked wrong. What gives?


    Probably because this "horno" is in the kitchen instead of the basement, DL wants it to be an oven.


    I see several comments wondering why "cooker" is not a substitute for stove. I live in Virginia, and have never heard that term in all my travels across this country. Perhaps it is an England-English or Canadian-English expression, or some other regional term; but it is definitely not widely used in the US.


    stove and oven mean the same think


    In American English when speaking of home appliances we usually say there is a stove in the kitchen. It is a kitchen stove. There is usually, but not always today an oven in the stove and on the top of the stove we would have burners. So is it correct that el horno is the oven part of la estufa, which is the whole appliance?


    Ovens have no color...stoves are usually white. The oven is inside of the stove. ;)


    I wrote..'the oven in mi kitchen is blanco'.


    "My kitchen oven is white" is what I would say in English (probably omitting the "kitchen"), but this was marked incorrect. Duo's literal translation "the oven in my kitchen is white " is not natural.

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