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bug in duolingo app for ios

Below issue happens only in my iPhone 6 ( In PC it works fine): When I complete one lesson within a level and press Continue, it goes to next lesson, and for previous level, it shows 'Redo'. But when I come back to main page by selecting back arrow at the top. The lesson I just completed again gets marked as not done. So I cannot proceed to the next level.

For example: I start with the basic level 1. Initially, it shows 0/5. I complete lesson 1, but even after completing lesson 1, it shows 0/5 in the main menu (It should show 1/5).

OS version: iOS 8.1.2 Duolingo App version: 4.1.3

December 13, 2014



I use the iOS apo all the time and it is fine with me. You might want to move this post to the trouble shooting forum.


I use the ios app and haven't had this problem. Have you tried reinstalling the app?


Yes, I have reinstalled application. And I am using iPhone6. But still the issue persists.


I have just checked and I am still on iOS 8.1 so I am wondering if 8.1.2 is causing the problem. Unfortunately there is no way of reverting to an older iOS (unless you took a back up before you updated it). and I am not too keen to upgrade myself to check out my theory.


No, the problem is not iOS 8.1.2. It works fine for me.


Is there any forum where I can post bug with screenshot evidences? Here, I do not have any provision to attach image.

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