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"Vedo dei pescatori nel porto."

Translation:I see some fishermen in the harbor.

July 14, 2013



In Australia, one would not say 'I see the fisherman IN the harbour' as that would imply they were in the water. If they were in boats, then one would then say: 'I see the fishing boats in the harbour', not 'the fishermen.' If one is talking about seeing fisherman standing on the wharves fishing, that would be 'at' the harbour, not 'in' the harbour.


Likewise, in USA one would say "at the port" not "in the port" unless it were indoors. While airports are typically inside, sea ports are not, generally speaking.


Same in the UK. If fishermen were in the harbour then I would expect them to be very wet.


do not play tricky dicky with me and mark me wrong for selecting "port". If you are going to spring "harbor" on us, then teach before correcting!


You must have had some other small error. I answered, "I see some fishermen in the port" and it was accepted.


I think Guardo would be better for "watch."


the audio sounds like "vedo del pescatori nel porto" - have reported it.


Why do you need di+i? Can it just be vedo i pescatori?


I might be wrong but I think this is the difference between "some" and "the".


So, I translated 'dei pescatori' as 'some of the fishermen' and it was marked incorrect. Is that wrong, though? I mean, 'dei' literally means 'of the', doesn't it?


Can you please explain why "dei" and not "i"? Thanks


My understanding is that dei is used not only for 'of the' but used it is also used for for 'some'. Whereas 'i' would only be used for 'the'. So 'i pescatori' would be 'the fishermen' and 'dei pescatori' would be either 'some fishermen' or 'of the fishermen'. Hope that helps.


Thanks, yes that will help me to make a distinction.


"I watch the fishermen at the harbor." This is wrong Italian usage?


My understanding is that 'vedo' is I see and 'guardo' is I watch. Seeing being passive; I happen to see the fishermen as I look at the harbor. Watching being active; I am looking for the fishermen.


Well, it's not Italian, so...yeah, absolutely.

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