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"Eine Flasche Wein"

why should I say "Eine Flasche Wein" and not "Eine Wein Flasche"? The adjective should be before the noun, no?

October 26, 2012


[deactivated user]

    "Wein" is not an adjective. "eine Flasche Wein" refers to the amount of wine or the bottle and its content, whereas "eine Weinflasche" refers to the actual bottle (the container).


    You could use both - ore more clearly connect the second form into "Weinflasche" but the meaning is different. The first tells you that you have a bottle of wine. The second tells you that you have a wine bottle (without any knowledge if there's the wine inside or not).


    Eine Flasche Wein: A bottle of wine |
    Eine Wein Flasche: A wine bottle.


    eine Weinflasche. Germans and Dutch connect more words than dots.

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