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Profile flag issue

There seems to be some kind of issue with the flags in my profile.

I was learning Spanish from English and i wanted to do the reverse tree as well, so I started that course. But when I looked at my profile page there was only the American flag. The translation tier flag is there, but the other one is not showing.


So then I tried to add another language. I added Dutch from English, and that one does show up together with my Spanish flag.


Do other people have this issue as well?

December 13, 2014



You will notice this every time the base language is changed. If you add more courses with the same base language, they will all show up together as in the second screenshot. This is not an issue per se, just the current design of the program.


The language that is currently your 'native' language will not show up. However, all languages are usually displayed above your postings.

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