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"A menina gosta da saia, apesar da cor."

Translation:The girl likes the skirt, despite the color.

July 15, 2013



Why the da in front of cor, instead of just a? Are you supposed to carry over the gosta+da structure to cor as well, as in gosta da saia nao gosta da cor?


It's because of "apesar", not "gostar".

Apesar aks for "de":

  • Apesar de tudo, ele continua feliz = Despite everything, he remains happy
  • Ele pediu suco, apesar de não estar com sede = He ordered juice, although he was not thirsty


It's a contraction of "gosta de a" - and if you say what is (un)liked, it's always "gosta de"


Why is the word "da" used before "saia", instead of "a"?


You use "gostar+de+noun/verb" De+a = da (you have to link them).


Thank you--That's very helpful.


Based on this example, it's not that clear to me if "apesar" means "despite", "regardless of", or both. Anyone can clarify it for me?


To go deep into "apesar", you can think of it as "a + pesar" (to weight - to burden).

Thinking far beyound, it would be: The girl likes the skirt, although the color is a burden. (That's not an acceptable translation, I'm just adding ideas onto it)

There's no word in english to suffice that exaclty, so you have to chose the one that fits best, in that case, despite is a good choice.


apesar de = in spite (of), despite, although, not withstanding, though.

regardless of = não obstante, embora. As in English, they can take the same meaning, but are used in different structures in a sentence


Why isn't "despite of the color" a valid translation for "apesar da cor"? I think it is, so I'm reporting in case I'm right, I don't know how to return to a problematic answer to report later. But I wanted to know if it is ok, or I'm wrong.


You can say "in spite of the color" or "despite the color" With despite, you don't need "of".


I typed 'Despite the color, the girl likes the skirt'. Why should it be wrong?

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