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  5. "Who do you embarrass?"

"Who do you embarrass?"

Translation:Wie breng jij in de verlegenheid?

December 13, 2014



embarras has so many meanings ... not only 'verlegenheid' ... example: wie stel je teleur? is possible no?


I'm not sure... "teleurstellen" means 'to disappoint', which to me seems quite different from 'to embarrass'.


True, when you would be asked to translate 'teleurstellen' you would use disappoint for sure and of course i agree with the first translation: 'in verlegenheid brengen' , but, that's not the question. i honestly believe that 'who do you embarras' is not only about 'in verlegenheid brengen' but can equally mean 'laten zitten/teleurstellen...'

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