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"De boom in de woestijn heeft veel ervaring met eenzaamheid."

Translation:The tree in the desert has a lot of experience with loneliness.

December 13, 2014



Although the literal translation of "met" is "with", can we use "of" here? It seems the more natural preposition in English - to have experience OF something, not with it. But it was not accepted.


ik zal jouw vriend boom


L'arbre du tenere

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L'arbre du Ténéré, that was my first thought when I read this sentence. A solitary tree in the middle of the Ténéré desert and no other tree in sight for the next 400 km. A landmark and a meeting point for anyone who crossed this desert, a sign that you were on the right track. The tree was destroyed by a drunken truck driver in 1973. Since this tree was so important for the orientation, it was replaced by a metallic structure.

Sorry, it is not a grammatical theme, but maybe nevertheless interesting.

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