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French plural

le fille aime ce journal Les filles aiment ce journal.

I keep getting the listen and type ones wrong. How do you tell the difference between these two by sound? Very little context in one sentence to point to otherwise.

May 3, 2012



It's not "le fille" it's "la fille". You absolutely can't tell apart "fille" from "filles" by sound (I know, it's just awful, isn't it ? French has a lot of words like this). So you have to be careful on the "la" or "les". You should use the slow version when you listen, in case you don't do it already.


The way computer is saying "la" and "les" sound exactly same to me. So I cannot tell if it is saying "la fille" or "les filles". I answered almost all of the questions, based on that, wrong. I thought I am not hearing something right. So I went to google translate and made it say "la fille" and "les filles". I could clearly hear the difference on google translate. Can you please check and confirm if I am supposed pick on something else?


You're not the only one in this case. Many people say that they're having difficulties with "le/la/les".

Most of the time however, it's not due to Duolingo's pronunciation, but rather to their need of practicing their listening skills.

"la fille" and "les filles" on Google Translate is fine, but you can also use Forvo, which is a website where native speakers record the words themselves and make it available for everyone :



Also, there may be some threads out there that have a bad recording, then they would need to be reported with "Report a problem.". For "la/les/le", I haven't seen one yet. If you have a specific thread in mind, please provide the link so I can check it (well, the normal audio at least, I won't have access to the slow audio).


I'll try to pay more attention. Thanks!


The Plurals lessons are very elementary and repetitive. There are many concepts that could be the subject of exercises besides being rich and calm and have red apples, books, and dresses - Level 4 is no more complex than the lower levels and uses the same sentences over and over again. Boring!

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