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Immersion in Swedish

For some reason sometimes I can see "Immersion" tab next to "Discussion" tab in the blue bar at the top of the site. Clicking it, however, doesn't really work. Does it mean, that we're going to have this feature soon? Or is it just a sad joke made by the site again? ;)

PS. Can we actually expect to have bonus skills in Swedish? Soon? Anytime?

Ha en bra dag!

December 13, 2014



That is a bug in the website. The menu bar is not completely rebuild when you switch the learning language but it is rebuild when you reload the page in your browser (e.g. pressing F5). I.e. if you switch from a language with no immersion to one that has immersion you don't see the tab until reload. The other way round the tab stays but has no functionality.


I expect that these will come when Swedish graduates from beta.

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