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  5. "Kæden er brun og historisk."

"Kæden er brun og historisk."

Translation:The chain is brown and historical.

December 13, 2014



"Historic" in English usually means an event or thing of some importance; "historical" gives less weight, placing something in the past or a describing it as a reconstruction of something from the past.


It seems to me that this is a difference between adjective and adverb. Plus I do not see much weight to your comment.


Now I at least have an answer for the other question regarding "The chains are for my daughter", I was getting worried!


What chain on this earth is historical? I literal or figurative chain and what type? From where? Used for what?


don't you know? a lot of History museums around the world keep several slavery chains as a token of a cruel past...you can type in googleimages "chains slavery museum" then it'll show you back a lot of brown, historical true chains. (:-/


Why is it historical and not just historic? How would you say historic?


"Historic" is in the list of accepted answers for this sentence, you would use the word "historisk" for it still


What's with the brown color in Danish? Leaves me the sensation that it's used (at least in duolingo) whenever they want to say rotten, burned, rusty...in general referring more to the oxidation state than the color itself


This is a strange sentence


For me this excersize makes sense: apparently somewhere in Danmark there is an old chain with an interesting (hi)story, maybe one day when visiting Danmark I will find it. Also, I learned the word 'kæde'. According to Den Danske Ordbog it has the HIS(tory): 'over middelnedertysk kede fra latin catena'. As a student in Leiden I have good memories about the old students club Catena, which connected students from all disciplines and from all parts of the country.


So what is the word for "old" in Danish? The sentence makes much more sense if it is simply "the chain is old and brown". Given how cack-handed many of duolingo's previous English translations have been, I don't have a lot of confidence that what is being said in Danish is actually what is being conveyed to an English speaker.

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