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  5. "Camminano là."

"Camminano là."

Translation:They walk there.

July 15, 2013



La also means there? There sure are alot of words that refer to "there"


Yup. 'Lá' means there.


Hi, lì and lá are more or less interchangeable in this sentence since there's no specific context on the location of the place in question. Hope this helps!


You are completely correct, but I thought I'd elaborate a little. Lì is a specific "there" - where someone is pointing, for example, or a previously established place. Là is a more general "there"; the kind of "there" usually accompanied by a vague arm wave. It could be better translated as "yonder", if you don't mind sounding fairly odd.

The same applies to qui and qua - qui is a specific "here"; qua is more general. A room is qui; a city or country is qua.


Sometimes DL accepts "We are walking there." and sometimes they do not!


And would they happen to be women walking there or girls?


we don't know, the la' refers to how far away the "there" is. Either li (with an accent i cannot do on keyboard) or la' depends on how far away it is. One of them is for things "over there" that you can see, the other is for things you can't. I can't remember which ones which though, sorry

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