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Edits to Duolingo

What do you all think about the new 'timed practise' that gives extra points if you answer quickly and how it shows which words you strengthened in your vocabulary after a lesson? Personally, I love it! :D

October 26, 2012



my gusta la nueva prestaciĆ³n!

I specially like the fact that Duolingo is allowing the user to practice the same way they have been practicing or try the new timer feature, without forcing the use of one or the other. gracias for todo su trabajo duro!


Oh so it has been on the blog since Oct 25. It hardly ever gets updated so I hadn't looked. Yes, notifications of new posts would be helpful. http://blog.duolingo.com/


How did you even know they were doing that? I haven't ready anything about it but saw a time on a folder I had completed.


It would be nice if Duolingo send notifications or had a blog like page about these changes.

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