"Vem vet mest?"

Translation:Who knows the most?

December 13, 2014

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It's one of the best tv-shows to practice listening. The language is clear (and yet you can hear different dialects too), the questions are also shown on the screen as a text, and it's just so Swedish. You can see it here, even if you're not in Sweden: http://www.svt.se/vem-vet-mest/se-program/


Here's an updated link because that one 404s now: https://www.svt.se/vem-vet-mest/


Programmet kan bara ses i Sverige


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Absolut! This show is the best. The host is very snarky and fun, too.


This is the show I watch most often to practice! :)


Yes! I discovered this TV show on SVT website in replay. Very good and people are funny. :-)


I learnt how to ask questions from that show.


I use to watch Vem Vet Mest Junior :D


It was because of this post that I found SVT Play in the first place! I would have had no way to practice without it! Tack så mycket!


"Kan bara ses i Sverige" :(


Hello, my name is VPN and I'm the solution to all your problems :D


Sidan finns inte


Looks like the site address is outdated. Try this: https://www.svtplay.se/vem-vet-mest


who knows best, is how we canadians would say it. obviously mest is most just saying colloquially "who knows best?" is used


To me, there is a difference to "who knows best" and "who knows the most" though. Do you agree?


yes, who knows the most information could be asked with "who knows the most?", while who knows the most useful information could be asked with, "who knows best?" My point is people would often ask with the intent of finding the person with the information they need, not the person who is the most knowledgeable. Who knows best is a useful question while who knows the most distinguishes the estimated total knowledge between multiple people. The idea that we should learn useful phrases leads me to ask, is mest the way a native Swedish speaker would ask to find the person they need to speak to for information?


I think you'd ask with "mest" for quantity of information and "bäst" for quality. The TV show is "mest" since it's a show about a broad range of trivial knowledge.


which it seems is the case as i found a tv program on svt called vem vet mest? on svt ty Ekufi for the link


I agree that there's a difference... but I would use the first in actual speech, and can't imagine saying the second. At least, not without a limiting factor (ex. "who here knows the most about '90s Cancon?" :)


I can't watch Vem vet mest anymore, they seem to have restricted viewing to people who live in Sweden only. Anyone found another way to watch it on a laptop? I think you can get an app for a smart phone, but I don't have one and am not planning on getting one, but I really miss the show... Thoughts, anyone?


You can use the Hola extension. It's a VPN app you can use as an unblocker. Just set it Sweden and you should be in business


OMG!!! It worked! Tusen tack!! Ha en lingot!!


Not to let you down, but I would immediately uninstall Hola. There are huge issues concerning whether it's safe to use or not, and the company behind it has chosen repeatedly not to answer them satisfactorily.


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