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  5. "My son counts to a hundred."

"My son counts to a hundred."

Translation:Mijn zoon telt tot honderd.

December 13, 2014



why doesn't "a hundred" be translated into "een honderd"?


"A hundred" (honderd) and "a thousand" (duizend) do not get the indefinite article "een" in Dutch. However, "a million" (een miljoen) does. I have no idea why, but that is how it is.


why is "Mijn zoon telt naar honderd" not correct?


It seems that some of these have "een" before the number, and others not? Is it due to the presence of a noun after the number, like "a million questions"?


Frankly the sentence should be written as, "My son counts to one hundred", using a in front of the hundred is more of an English expression and for the sake of lessons can really throw me off when I'm still solidifying my understanding of specifics to word use.

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