"De tar båten till Amerika."

Translation:They are taking the boat to America.

December 13, 2014

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This reminds me of a question. Does Sweden consider North America and South America two separate continents or is it just one big America? As a Brazilian it was mindblowing to learn that it's separated in other countries. Not only that, but our meaning for North America is a subcontinent that includes only the US, Canada and Mexico; pretty sure our South America has the same countries; and Central America is everything between those two.


Zmrzlina is the geographer on the team so he could probably explain the correct usage in more detail, but lay people like myself normally speak of the continents as Nordamerika and Sydamerika, and if anyone says just Amerika, they usually mean the USA.


Edit [I know this was so off the topic...] I just have seen that is a common criterion... And still let me wondering why currently some people still don't take that differences (e.g. it can be shown in some readings and maps) or rather avoid them and hence the American continent is sometimes treated as a single unit (maybe for practical reasons or due to the fact that it is altogether separated by two oceans...) and some other times it is not... Though I am not a specialist either I am also interested on the topic and share the same feeling with double_jumper, so it would be interesting to know what does Zmrzlina know about it... Anyway it is also interesting and good to know the Swedish point of view... plus the two words for both terms... so Thank you! =)


Edit [I didn't know what was the swedish point of view, but in general I have seen that...] technically America is taken a single continent and that those different clusters are not intended to separate the continent in three different sub-continents, but they may refer mainly to the origin of the masses. Setting aside the mechanism, the countries included in that division are thought to have the same origin (e.g. they share a main tectonic plate), not to mention the geopolitical and/or historical relashionships through them, which could be the main reason of that "separation"... seen between Asia and Europe for example.


Just like the lassic Swedish book "Utvandrarna" from Vilhelm Moberg :D


Does "Amerika" refer to the United States or the whole continent?


Technically the continent(s), but colloquially to the USA.


Wow! That was a quick reply hehe. Tusen tack :D


Is that why it's capitalized?


The continents have always been refered to as the Americas where I am from. There is north, south, and central. But just "America" by itself is the good old USA.


I wrote "the ship" and it was wrong - why?


Well, I think "ship" refers to a larger vessel, generally used for carrying cargo or huge amounts of people, whereas "boat" can be both a small vessel or just a way to refer to vessels in general. Also, I think "the ship" would be "fartyget" (ett fartyg/fartyget/fartyg/fartygen) in Swedish. Please, native speakers, correct me if there's anything wrong.


Wouldn't "the ship" be skeppet?


That also works, I guess


Would it be a far wiser choice to use a ship on this voyage though? I get that the sentence is different,but... A transatlantic trip in a boat just seems... Dangerous


In some other sentence there was 'tar cykel' and the possible translations were 'take the bike' & 'go by bike'. Here I translated the sentence into 'go by boat' and it turned out to be wrong. It should have been 'take the boat'. My question is then: why cannot it be go by boat in this case?


No, the other sentence must have had tar cykeln. You can't use the indefinite (without an article) there either. tar cykeln, tar båten, tar bilen
On the other hand you can åka bil/båt/cykel 'go by car/boat/bike' so in this construction it's indefinite with no article.

go by is like åka and take is like ta, the latter includes the starting point of the journey in a way that the former doesn't.


They go by boat to America was marked wrong. As a native Englishman, I'd always say "go by" rather than "take"


David Hedge9, As a native Englishman, I think that you would rather go to America on a ship than a boat?


The boat / ship issue wasn't the point I was making - I was saying I'd go by rather than take, whether it was a ship or boat


WE'RE ALL LIVING IN AMERIKA But in this case, it's not swedish, but german


Cool song José!


One would never take a boat to America; one would take a ship.


Maybe commercially, but it's not that uncommon for experienced sailors to take smaller boats across oceans like that


And that's why I wrote ship but it is a wrong answer. Maybe they wanted to make the sentence extra strange?


Would "they take the boat to The US" or "U.S.A." be accepted since they are the same country?


To me it sounds like the electronic voice says "Dom", not "De"


Yes, and that is correct. Both de and dem are pronounced as if they were spelled dom in Standard Swedish.


But it still considers it a mistake if I write "dom" :(

Sorry for the "noobness", sometimes I just get a bit frustrated when my hearing doesn't match the spelling.


Dom is an accepted answer in the incubator, so it shouldn't tell you you're wrong (only give you "another correct answer"). Not that I really recommend writing dom, it doesn't look so good and if you already know English, telling the difference between de/dem shouldn't be as hard to you as it is to many Swedes.


On that note, do people sometimes write "dom" in an informal sense? Like how people write "morron" or "gomorron", in place of morgon/god morgon?


Yes, some people do. Since so many native speakers struggle with the distinction between de and dem, it is regularly suggested that we should all switch to dom instead, but so far it just hasn't gotten that popular. Most people still write de/dem (with many errors) even in casual writing. But dom is totally OK.


Much later PS: We've since discovered that there's a bug that makes the machinery unable to accept spelling variation in the dictation exercises. So unfortunately you can't type dom in those.


What century is this?


Vi bor inte i Amerika


Why is ship not accepted? To cross the Atlantic, surely you go by ship and not a boat. A boat us what you use when go fishing in the Swedish lakes ??...


In analogy with 'jag åker tunnelbana', is it ok to say 'vi åker båt ..'?


And then one of them gets infected by lice and blames another passenger who actually doesn't have lice for it.


I also put go by boat as more usual modern usage.

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