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Safari - Strengthen Skills - Freezes at end

It is extremely frustrating but every 1 out of 3 times when I successfully complete "Strengthen Skills" the user interface stops responding. I have looked at the JavaScript error console and it appears to be a failed Ajax request. I have reported this issue on a few occasions but it has not been fixed. It is not fun to have to repeat a lesson due to this bug. Please investigate.

Thanks. Cliff

December 13, 2014



that happens to me quite often too, it's very annoying so I hope it gets fixed soon!


That happened to me yesterday. I usually use the iOS app to do lessons but I was just trying the new web interface and it hung on the last response. Duo seem to have started using Adobe Flash to handle the listening and speaking exercises and Apple are not very happy about Flash. That's why I was testing the web interface, but I will stick to the IOS app for the moment.


That happens to me rarely. Perhaps a lingot will make you feel better :)


This has just started happening to me in the past two days, also to my husband. We are using Chrome in a Windows 8.1 OS. Duolingo needs to fix this! I'm giving indycliff a lingot as well for reporting the issue initially.

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