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Plurals..... AGAIN!

Can anyone explain me the difference in pronunciation between "Elles mettent le pain.." and "Elle met le pain.."? Or more exactly, how I am to distinguish between the two in Duolingo speech? Because I can't notice the difference, and no amount of repetitions seems to help.

October 26, 2012



"elle" and "elles" are pronounced the same but in "met" /mɛ/ the T is not pronounced.

but in "Elles mettent" /mɛt/ the "TT" are pronounced.


It is my impression that these phrases actually sound pretty similar, as is the case of a lot of plurals. I would imagine that you would know to which they refer by context, knowing that you have 4 cats instead of 1 and such. My advice for the lessons is to just memorize the 'right' answers and try to correctly guess which one they are throwing at you. I could be wrong, though. Maybe it is obvious to someone who speaks the language fluently, but I find the difference difficult to pick out as well.


celuikidort is right, but also, the E's in "mettent" and "met" should at the least be prononced a bit differently too.


No i'm sorry ksfuturegourmet9, like i indicate in my previous answer through the phonetic the E in "mEttent" and mEt aren't pronounced different because it is really mET /mɛ/ and mETtent /mɛ,t/ that are pronounced. ps: if you go in some regions of france, you'll hear a different pronounciation like in brittany (where i was born and where i live) where we tend to pronounce the /ɛ/ sound like the /e/ but that's just the accent and the way it is spoken here but it's not proper french.

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