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Pressing TAB when translating single words

This is a very strange (and frustrating for me behaviour). Most of the time pressing tab switches the focus from the text input to the check button. Except when translating single words you need like 6 tab presses to get there. And this is not the only one, there are also other specific pages that have this problem. I think pressing TAB should alway switch immediately from input to check.

December 13, 2014



I believe that tab functionality is something provided by your browser, rather than Duolingo. On Firefox IIRC once you've input an answer just hitting enter should submit it. So hit a number key corresponding to the answer from a collection of options, tab to enter any text required, and then hit enter. It doesn't work with Midori unfortunately which is what I'm presently using.


I believe that you can design the app in a way that tab flows from input to button, as it is standard for any website.

I can't press Enter that is the problem. I need to press tab and then space when check is focused.


If I've understood your problem correctly the tab is moving across the radio buttons, i.e. input, as it's supposed to though. Try hitting enter (rather than space) once you've selected the right answer (and use the numbers keys to select them).

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