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minus/negative xp

Hey! I'm pretty sure I did not do anything out of normal. Like I was just doing normal exercises (in Swedish), not translating any texts or rating etc, and when I finished the lesson I got 0 XP, because it restored it from -10. WHY? What happened?

December 13, 2014



I do not use the new lesson style as I use the iOS app so I do not know the answer, but perhaps you loose one XP each time you get a question wrong and one XP each time you get a question right.


neah, then I would have noticed my losses way earlier :)


Well, technically you got 10 xp


yeah, but why did it take them before that? how can you even get the minus points?


I am also very curious about why this can happen as it just happened to me on my other duolingo account (learning Italian based in French).

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