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(The) water


Can anyone explain to me when to use l'acqua and when it is just acqua? i know the l' stands for "the". However in a sentence like "The turtle drinks water" it suddenly becomes "la tartuaga beve l'acqua"

Im confused :S

Thanks in advance.

July 15, 2013



If you are translating the sentence " The turtle drinks water" then "La tartuage beve acqua" should be accepted. Send a notice to the support team.


I've always tried to use the definite articles with nouns, unless there are specific rules that say otherwise (for example, singular, close family members with possessive adjectives leave out the definite article, and using a definite article with a day of the week conveys a different meaning than the day of the week without the definite article). I've noticed here at Duolingo that when the definite article is included, they often provide a translation both with and without the definite article, especially when the noun is used in a general way rather than as a reference to a specific instance of the thing.

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