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  5. "It is red on the inside."

"It is red on the inside."

Translation:Den är röd på insidan.

December 14, 2014



It says that ”Det är röd på insidan” is a typo, and that it should be ”Den är röd på insidan.” Is the first one not right in this case for some reason, or should this be reported?


It's correct and should be reported if it's not accepted!


Okay, I will do that. Just so I'm understanding correctly, though, if I were referring to something of the common gender, ”den” would be used, correct?


Oh sorry, I realize now I didn't read your first question properly. If it's det, it will have to be rött too, because the adjective changes with the gender. And I see in the incubator that the solution Det är rött på insidan is already accepted.


So actually det är röd på insidan is worse than a typo, it's an error.


Ah, yes, you are right! Didn't notice that... röd always gets me for some reason. Thanks for clarifying.


I copied pasted « Det är rött på insidan » and it was not accepted.


geez, Duo's a psycho...

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