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Immersion "revert to selected translation"

There are multiple translations done for a sentence. One of which is a perfect translation, but it isn't the most current one. I click on the best translation and choose "revert to selected translation". How is it that it then comes up as if I was the one that translated it? The first sentence here: http://www.duolingo.com/#/translation/3bc3ac706d1c9e92e877e0c795b9bfe9
(not the title, but the first sentence) is showing that I was the translator. Give credit where credit is due. It was Christian's sentence, all I did was vote that his was better than the one that was currently showing. Maybe a non-issue in most users' opinions. If you want to issue points for reverting sentences, by all means, but it feels wrong getting credit for other people's work.

Just a thought to consider.

July 15, 2013



I agree with this!


When I revert to a translation now, it says the person who originally wrote it was the last person to edit the translation. Does this happen for everyone, or am I a random guinea pig for testing a new feature?


I totally agree, and I actually think when a previous translation is picked, it should pop up as the current version, but not appear again as a new edit (unless there is a reason text associated with it), it should just show a "voting" total next to it. Its just because these translations are overwritten so many times, its kind of ridiculous and in the end, Duolingo should pick among which have the most "votes."


I agree - I felt exactly the same way when my name came up, as if I was taking credit that didn't belong to me. Thanks for bringing this issue to a discussion.


very true... it happened to me too.


totally agree with Hohenems


hi i m gaurav. from india learning spanish...:) nice to meet u all


Welcome. Hope you learn and enjoy Duo. as much as so many others have.


ya its really nice to learn and easy to understand and use ...thank you...ohh sorry gracias :)


I noticed that as well and well, it just doesn't seem to be a fair system. People will, unfortunately, just go in and keep selecting perfect translations just to earn the points. IMHO they are more interested in earning points that learning a language. It's their loss, I guess!

People who are capable of translating perfectly should seriously be rewarded for their efforts! It is in Duolingo's best interest since they make their money by selling perfectly translated articles. Too many people are gaming the ''game'' right now. I hope Duo can come up with a fairer system of awarding points. Personally, I'm not motivated by the points but by having people select my translation as the best. Me....the best! WOW!

I've had people change a correct word or phrase to something clearly incorrect, I get a msg notifying me, I go back in and correct what they've done and I guess everyone is happy because they are earning ''almighty points''. Childish, no?


@Hohenems I support you on this issue and wish there were some way to rectify it while continuing to encourage paticipants in the immersion section. Sometimes when I edit a section that I know from my limited Ger. must have been a real challenge for someone to translate and I add an overlooked final "s" or "full stop" I feel like a cheat seeing my name as translator on the other hand all editing is an improvemetn. I've put forward a suggestion for a kind of forum for translators and editors to exchange views and iron out discrepencies which will contribute to te efficiency of the projects and the advancement of our abilites. Sometimes I contact translators on their stream but that is quite unwieldy. The edit comment section is too small and doesn't allow for replies.
BTW what is the point of the point system (sorry had to get a dumb pun in) that gets so many people hot under the collar.


I agree with the original point here - credit where it's due. This is a marvellous site for practising language skills. Having said that I don't understand the comments people keep making abou whetger the point scoring system helps or hinders Duolingo's business model. Everything I have seen being translated in immersion is material from Wikepedia. Are we really thinking that someone out there is willing to PAY for translations of Wikipedia pages?

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