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Removing reminder notifications

I started the Spanish and French courses, but ultimately stopped doing them. I've now started the German course, and I intend to keep doing this. I've set German as my language on the mobile app, but I continue to get notifications on my iPhone along the lines of "Learning a language takes practice! Study your French/Spanish!". I'd like to stop getting these notifications, but continue to get any German notifications, without resetting or removing my French or Spanish progress. How can I do this?

Relevant: 1) I've disabled the "Email me at x time if I haven't practised French/Spanish" setting on the desktop site. 2) I haven't completed a French/Spanish lesson in months. 3) I get all French and Spanish notifications at the same time. Both around 9pm I believe. 4) My active language is set to German in settings. 5) My language is set to German in the iOS app. 6) 'Practice reminder' is enabled in the iOS app (to receive reminders about German)


December 14, 2014

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Did you press "Save Changes" after turning them off on the site's settings?

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