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Streak freeze/server malfunction? 13 Dec evening

I've just lost my 279-day streak. My daily target was set at 50XP, and I had 30XP completed. Translation hints stopped appearing around 20:45 GMT time, and I restarted the browser (firefox) to see if that would fix the issue. I could not connect to Duolingo anymore, so I left for work, expecting my streak freeze to save the day, which didn't happen. So I assume one of the following: - My streak freeze didn't work - I had forgotten to buy another one - unlikely, but possible

Either way, pretty annoying to lose the streak in such a manner, because I did practice on the day after all.

December 14, 2014



Sorry for the loss of your streak.

You have to meet the goal to keep the streak, there's no way around that. Which is why I will never set it above 1.

If it was a streak freeze malfunction, you can contact the administrator bchan and she might be able to help. If you simply did not have one in place, there is nothing you can do.


How does one go about contacting bchan? My husband did the work yesterday and today it was reset to 0 and additionally had a streak freeze protector. He had over 100 days.


I also lost a streak on Dec. 13. Only 52 days ... but still annoying. Thought my server went off-libe, but now wonder if browser (also firefox) failed. Rebooted but no success. I did work using my Kindle, but obviously no data was transmitted.

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