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I have a problem with a microphone

As in the title. I don't have a microphone and that's why I lose all my heart (because I have to skip the exercise) so I can't finish Spanish Basic 2. What should I do about it?

July 15, 2013



The desktop based speaking exercises have never worked right for me, strange since I can even feed the computer voice right back into the mic and it will still mark it wrong. I have been forced to turn off the mic on the desktop version.

You don't have to loose a heart next time, just select the 'I don't want to use a mic right now' and it will credit you the exercise and not show you another spoken test.

Its weird since on the mobile version I feel like I can mess up the audio a lot and it still credits me.


Great, thanks. Could you please tell me where I can select the option "I don't want to use a mic right now"?


If you can't find it in the module, just go to your account settings ( upper right hand corner gears -> settings ) and turn off the microphone. It will have the same effect.


Where's the mic option in the mobile version? I'm using the Android app and I don't think I've come across it.


could you solve the problem?

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