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  5. "Is it your own dog?"

"Is it your own dog?"

Translation:Är det din egen hund?

December 14, 2014



Since this is a possessive, I thought we were supposed to use the plural/definite version of the adjective?


Lundgren8 wrote something good about this here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5659675


shouldn't it be "är DEN din egen hund" since "hund" is an "en" word and not an "ett" word?


det doesn't refer to the dog. It's a placeholder pronoun, or rather, it refers to "the thing we're talking about". If we use a pronoun about pets, we normally use han or hon.

Long post about this here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/9708920 There's an example in there about how if there's a knock at the door and you know who's there before seeing them, you would say It is my wife, not She is my wife. I think that comparison might be helpful in order to see what's going on in this sentence, too.


You are so patient with us all having the same questions. Thanks for all your clarifications Arnauti!


ert should be correct too, right?


Well, not ert, but er since it's an en word.


It should be egna, i guess since it is a possessive adjective-like word


egen is an odd adjective. It's recommended to use the form egen here rather than egna.


does "är det din hund?" make sense or do I need the egen? it doesn't flow so well for me when i include egen!


Since the English sentence says your own dog, you need egen in Swedish too.


Why did I assume it's den and not det?


Why egen and not egna


I often get tripped up by a word my brain skipped reading (and/or I did not expect there) and lose points not bc. I don't know how to say it but because I did not write it. Super-frustrating.


Of course, in English we would just say "Is that your dog" and not use the word "own."

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