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  5. "O que é felicidade?"

"O que é felicidade?"

Translation:What is happiness?

December 14, 2014



It's a deep question, that would not be solved on Duolingo. But still, happiness is a feeling or an impression that sometimes does not correspond exactly to reality. Is this for this reason less valuable than the one that is more deeply rooted in reality and certainly more stable? I guess so: but everything can be reevaluated afterwards and sincerity can be used as a tool to take off the stains of unreality from this fictional happiness that breaks hearts and causes depression. It requires courage and love (everything portrayed in this statement is not fictitious. The identification with actual persons and places is actually intended and should be inferred).


Agreed, but the better question is O que é amor?


Why does DL mark as wrong "O que é a felicidade"? Is the article so ungrammatical?


It's ok. This one is pretty much the same with and without the article.


"A felicidade" - a beautiful Brazilian bossa nova song by Jobim from the film "Orfeu ❤❤❤❤❤" :"Tristeza não tem fim. Felicidade sim."

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