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  5. "Who sleeps on that bed?"

"Who sleeps on that bed?"

Translation:Quem dorme naquela cama?

July 15, 2013



"nessa" and "naquela" means the same thing. Two of choices were correct. Is there any contex where one might be preferred.


Use "Nessa" if the bed is near you or the person you are talking to, use "Naquela" if the bed is away from you both.


thanks. So many words for "that" ----- -"disso--desse--nesso--nessa--naquela"---and now ---"daquele"..


Yes. That sometimes may be tricky. There is a topic on it here: http://www.duolingo.com/#/comment/536217


Thank you for sharing that link, it was very helpful. I think anyone learning Portuguese for the first time should read that topic.


Many thanks for that, a bit like aì, ali and lá then? However, I still don't understand the use of "naquela", as it sounds as if (at least) two people are in a large bedroom or dormitory, and so the bed cannot be that far away? I thought that to use "aquela" or "lá" "that" or "there" the object would have to be eg on a TV screen, as that really would be far away. Whereas, I thought if two people were in a dormitory and the bed was next to them, it would be esta, this, and if the bed was at the far end of the room, it would be essa, not aquela, because "that" bed is in the showroom window on the other side of the road? So without a qualifying distance word, how can one give a wrong answer to such a question, as long as you use either essa or aquela? Please help!


Actually, an object does not need to be that distant. If the bed is on the other side of the bedroom, you can point at it and use "(n)aquela" =)


Quem dorme na cama ? should be correct too!! Why is it wrong??


There's a difference between definite articles (a/o = the) and determiners (aquela/aquele = that). Please make sure you keep that in mind going forward.


How come "De quem dorme naquela cama?" isn't accepted?

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