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New feature request - Translate Audio Only

I think Duolingo is amazing, but when learning Spanish, you need to be able to understand Spanish speakers and make sense of it.

There's no exercise that currently does this.

Sometimes it asks you to translate some audio to English with the Spanish text at the side to refer to... But in real life situations, this wouldn't be possible. You'd need to make sense of a Spanish speaker by audio only - you wouldn't usually have a written translation.

I'd like to see Duolingo implement a function where it literally asks you to translate audio to English, with no text to refer to.

I think it would also be a good idea for a questions and answers exercise, where you're presented with a question and you have a set number of answers to choose from.

For example - ¿Cómo te llamas?


  • Tengo dos años
  • Si, muy bien
  • Me llamo Steve
3 years ago



Thanks! Apart from the hideous design, that's an amazing tool! Would be great if Duolingo could implement something like this. I think they could quite easily, they only need to hide the text translation.

3 years ago


This resource is amazing thank you.

3 years ago


Ha...doesn't matter to me they are all the same

3 years ago