"A parent is a child's mom or dad."

Translation:En förälder är ett barns mamma eller pappa.

December 14, 2014

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Unless that parent is non-binary, in which case hen är bara barnets förälder. :) May I instead suggest altering the sentence to "A mom or dad is a child's parent"? Its essentially the same sentence, but without excluding part of the population.


I agree with you - it would be a subtle but welcome change.


With all the "hennes fru" sentences they "exclude" quite a big part of the population I guess... Not more and not less than they do "exclude" the other part with this one.


Is "en förälder" commonly used as a singular form in Swedish (like "a parent" in English)? It obviously has the same roots as the German word "Eltern", but in German you wouldn't really use the singular form "ein Elter".


Why is ett barnd mor eller pappa wrong here? Isnt mother mor or mamma in swedish?


It's odd to combine mor and pappa, but nevertheless, En förälder är ett barns mor eller pappa. is an accepted answer.


"Mamma eller far" doesn't seem to be...


The machine tells me that En förälder är ett barns mamma eller far. is an accepted answer, strange as it sounds. Maybe something else went wrong?

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If it's the multiple choice options I had, 'barns' was replaced with 'våra'.


It was probably asked in other threads, but why is the "rns" in "barns" pronounced as /nsh/? I know the "rs" combination is pronounced /sh/, but it seems odd that it remains there when there's an "n in between.


Could you please explain me why it is “...ett barns...” and not just “...barns...”


Same as in English - you can't say "A parent is child's...", you need the "a" as well.


Anyone else getting a rejections for "En förälder är ett barns mama eller pappa"? Those are the only words available to me in the selection box! I feel like I'm going crazy double checking for a mistake that isn't there.


I would like to ask if the article must really accord with the noun in genitive (barns)? I thought that it should accord with the nouns in nominative (mor eller far) and 'barns' serves as an adjective here.


No, "barns" is a noun in the genitive here and the article is needed.


When do you you mamma/pappa vs. mor/far? Particularly when you're not using the word as a form of address?


Most people use one of those sets based on preference and sociolect and just stick to them. The former pair is much more common, though.


Mor eller far wasnt accepted? Can it be used?


That should definitely be accepted.


I think "förälder" is marked as an "ett" word in this one :(


No, it's ett barns förälder because the article describes the first noun - ett barn.


Is the 'ett' applied to mamma and pappa? Could you use 'en' instead?


No, it's ett barn. The gender of whatever comes next is irrelevant.


I see, so it's like (ett barn)s mamma. I thought it is ett (barns mamma) if I can use this kind of notation ;)


Exactly. :)

It's actually easier in Swedish than in some other languages because we don't separate compound nouns. In other words, if it has a space, you know that the article belongs to the first noun, because the nouns are distinct from each other.

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