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I still like duolingo

I've used Duolingo German for a month or so, and still find it valuable. In particular, my spelling and vocabulary have improved, and I continue to feel more competent in getting case, gender, number, and verb conjugations correct. I would not waste time on the web translations--you are not ready to do them properly. If you are, you don't need Duolingo. I would not worry that some of the lesson translations are suspect. Just keep doing the lessons. I keep a basic grammar text close at hand (Durrerll's 'Essential German Grammar'), so that the grammar dribbled out without much explanation can be put into a logical framework. I also constantly use a German-English dictionary (Collins Beginner's German Dictionary-paperback). Finally, don't expect to be able to converse with a native German after completing this course. That will require a different type of learning.

October 26, 2012


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