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Problems with streak

Once again, I lost my streak days. I'm back down to 3 and have never skipped a day. This time I did not even use the app. Seems like when I update my app, I lose my streak. :( This streak keeps me movtivated and I can tell how long I've been studying.

July 15, 2013



The streak can be very sensitive since it counts calendar dates, not "within 24 hours of the last practice". If you practice and it end up on the other side of "midnight" it won't get counted against the previous day and you lose the streak. If you are only going to do one session a day I would always double check that the streak increased afterwards, all it takes it one connection error and it's always possible that you don't get credit for your streak. I has a solid 30+ days before I lost mine and working my way back up.

You can find your start date by going to your profile page, using the "show source" in the browser and then searching for the string "creation_date". It is only visible in the source of the page, not the text itself. I, personally, copied the date to my profile Bio so I don't have to go poking around for it again.


Hi! It looks like you have a three day streak in Italian. On 7/11 I can see that you commented in the discussions and didn't complete a lesson, practice, edit, rate or add a translation (those are ways to add to your streak). Keep it up! I recently lost my streak too for a missed day, but I'm back at it :)


I should have about a 60 days streak. I have not missed one single day. I DID complete a lesson on 7/11. I practiced old lessons and a new one. I don't know why I keep losing them.


You can click on the "weekly progress" tab on the right side of your tree (on the browser) to see if you have any points registered for each day in the past 7 days. If you did a lesson near the day cutoff, it might have counted for the "wrong" day and awarded you points for the previous or next day.


Appreciate all the replies. I never do lessons so late that I would have to worry about them counting for the wrong day. Clearly, there is something wrong with the way DL counts the streak and it should be corrected.

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