"Han har skildpadder i sin gård."

Translation:He has turtles in his courtyard.

December 14, 2014

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Why is 'garden' incorrect? In British English we don't say 'yard'.


I find this course quite frustratingly biased towards American "English" - it seems such a shame to loose the origins of the language. It's annoying being told you are speaking your own language wrong when American is a derivative of the English language. I was quite surprised when the picture of the course to learn English was the Statue of Liberty!


Lose* sorry I just thought it was a rather ironic place in your sentence for a mistake


They should accept BE. And garden.


    I don't think it's referring to a garden, more along the lines of this:


    Ah OK, in that case I think we would say 'courtyard'.


    I think the sentence is referring to his courtyard, not a garden, because there is an English difference, but I'm not sure of a Danish one :)


    I consider yard and garden to be the same thing if referring to a patch of green space outside someone's house - which I'm assuming this context is also referring to


    Nice to learn English as well in this Danish course ;-)


    why is "tortoises" wrong - there appears to be no differentiation with turtles in Danish (or American English for that matter)


    This is a good find.

    Google recognises Skildpadde as both "tortoise" AND "turtle" despite turtles and tortoises being completely different animals.


    I've heard 'have' for garden, and gård for yard. Is this correct?


    It's confusing. Lots of Danes live in houses or apartments with small enclosed outside areas like courtyards. That's your "gård." "Have" is a green space that can be either a formal garden or a lawn with trees.

    "Gård" in other contexts can also refer to a farm. Often Danes will specify "bondegård," "praestegård," or in the case of the courtyard, "baggård." If you Google image search, you can get an idea of what the differences are.


    I'm an American and I wouldn't say yard either. That's what kids play in at school. What you have at home is a garden.


    Well, in Arizona we say yard.


    I'm also American. Kids play in a playground. A yard is the part of your property that isn't part of your house (i.e. front yard, back yard). A garden is a specific place where you grow plants other than trees or grass.


    A garden is where you grow flowers or vegetables. A yard is a place with grass and trees where you run around and play.

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