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New exercise suggestion - Corrections

Often times I find myself making smaller grammatical mistakes rather than big a one, getting the big parts like word selection, verb, and order, but then messing up because I used the wrong gender, plural, or worse, just forgot to shorten 'de le' to 'du' or other substitution.

Can we please get exercises similar to "There is/are # error(s) to correct"? This would allow us to train us to help self-correct these simpler language errors inside a more complex context. It might also be very helpful for testing all the various forms of some contractions. I know french is full of these annoying one-offs and I'm sure most other languages have similar contractions.

July 15, 2013



It might be hard to implement a system to count errors, but it would be easy to detect if an answer is not in the database and then give a message like "That seems wrong would you like to try it again?" I'd love that feature because I also make an insane number of dumb mistakes.


I'm thinking that duo gives you a question with a known number of common errors and your job is to rewrite the sentence to remove the errors.

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