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Barnböcker - Children's books

Hej! Just thought of sharing a few (supposedly) easy-reading resources I found:

An online children library with currently 8 children's books available to read online http://goo.gl/8xSfvD

a website with several plainly written children's stories, some of which with accompanying audio http://children.logoslibrary.eu/document_list.php?code_language=sv

a beautiful PDF published by the Swedish Art Council (Kulturrådet) that presents a list of 'the best of the latest Swedish children’s- and young adult literature' (of 2013) http://www.kulturradet.se/documents/publikationer/2013/nsbfyr.pdf

an interesting insight on Swedish children's literature https://sweden.se/culture-traditions/swedish-childrens-literature/

Hope this can be useful!

December 14, 2014



Wow, nice one Giuliamd3! This is really useful, especially with the course being in beta. Thanks a bunch! You well deserve a Lingot :).


Oh wow, 10!!! Xxxnoscoper, your to awesome! :p. Tack så mycket!


If you're talking about Swedish childrens' books there's one author that MUST be mentioned and that's Astrid Lindgren. I don't know if they're available online (and I'm not advanced enough in Swedish to read them, so I can't judge their difficulty) but as they're for children they shouldn't be too hard to read and they're the best childrens' books of the world!


Lots of novels and childrens' books are available in hard copy to buy online, but finding them is difficult, also the prices and shipping costs can be high. Search using the Swedish names of the books

There is a list of Tove Janson's books, including their Swedish names, near the bottom of this page. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tove_Jansson

This site is the best I have found so far. http://www.sets.fi/ Some books are available in Swedish as ebooks. Click on the"E-böcker" link on the left and scroll through the listings.


Some of these books contain colloquial or dialectal vocabulary... Lexin has been great for finding the more obscure words.

Thanks for sharing, getting one's hands on Swedish books in Canada is difficult, especially children's books (Cambodia on the other hand has tons, haha).


Cats journeys from the first list is awesome, thank you

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