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Translating English into Spanish

To be able to express oneself in the language one is studying is a vital part of learning that language . Is there any way that Duolingo could provide that for us through the part of the program that teaches Spanish speakers to speak English ?

October 26, 2012



Yes, in fact there is. Click on the corner where there are languages, and then click in more....

Then tell duolingo you know Spanish (or Portuguese) and click on save changes. Now you translate from english to spanish!! (Or to portuguese).

In this way you learn more spanish than ever. Because you practice it more. I don't like this duoLingo system where it asks you to translate lot of German to Enlgish, and very rarely they let you translate from English to German. Those questions are always the hardest, and I learn more with them..


Thanks Juanv , but I'm afraid that what you suggest might cancel out my Spanish stream . I guess I could get a new e-mail account and a new Duolingo account for it tho .

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