"The birds fly over the reindeer."

Translation:Fåglarna flyger över renarna.

December 14, 2014

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"renen" instead of "renarna"because it is singular?


Yes but English is ambiguous here so either is correct.


How is the English sentence ambiguous? I don't see any ambiguity in any language. "Renarna" is "the reindeers".


In most types of English they use the word reindeer for both singular and plural. Some people say reindeers in the plural but that's less common.


And yet, with my dialect, reindeers is the correct form. It would be great if both were accepted instead of a dialect being penalised, even if it was correct.


I see, yes, 'framför' means 'in front of' so that doesn't work. I personally hate multiple choice questions so much I recently started to fail them all on purpose. My user experience improved drastically. :)


From what I can see, both forms are accepted. What did you put exactly?


I went with the "Fåglarna flyger framför renan.", it being the only one that used the singular form of reindeer. I did wonder why framför would be correct, but I went with my dialect. Alas, most likely my own mistake.


Would be awesome if it was reindeers and I would vote it should be that. However the vast majority of dialects do not use it.


I tried it, was unfortunately not accepted


There are better sentences and examples to teach plural of deer = deer. This is confusing here since swedish is the subject, not english.


This sentence is clearly confusing people because 'reindeer' can be singular and plural in English. But in Swedish, there is 'renan' and 'renarna' for singular and plural. Using an ambiguous English word for an inambiguous Swedish counterpart is a very poor example in language teaching.


If birds fly over the reindeer, Why oh why can't I?

Classic Judy Garland


The ENGLISH sentence can EITHER be singular or plural reindeer. You are going from English to Swedish....NOT the other way around.

If you want something specific you should specify: "The birds fly over the (plural) reindeer." or "The birds fly over the reindeer (singular)."


"Somewhere, over the reindeer, way up high..."

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