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  5. "How is your sister today?"

"How is your sister today?"

Translation:Come sta vostra sorella oggi?

July 15, 2013



Why is sua capitalized??


Perché e la sorella di Lei (formal you)


And how do i know from the English text that it was supposed to be formal??????


You don't, without context. Both formal and familiar are acceptable


I'm not used to seeing capitals in Italian text so thanks for clarifying this.


Can you say 'Com'è tua sorella oggi' or 'Come è tua sorella oggi? Or do you always use 'stare' in this type of sentence?


Hi Thomas. I think, as in Portuguese, there's a differentiation between two significances in the verb to be: 1. To be as a temporary state: "she is happy today"; 2. To be as a permanent state: "she is tall". In this case, the state of well being, I believe is better to use STA instead of È.


It would usually be stare, but both are gramattically correct. If you were to use 'essere' the word 'oggi' would probably be omitted. Then the meaning would change to "what is your sister like?"


I wonder why it's not "la tua sorella" in this case.


There are already several threads on this very topic, so I won't go too much into detail, but the short answer is the following: for family members in their singular form, one doesn't usually use the article before mio/mia. E.g.: "mio padre" and not "il mio padre", "mia sorella" and not "la mia sorella". However, this only works for singular nouns: "La mia sorella" is wrong but "le mie sorelle" is correct.


I thought this only applied to 'mia/mio' and not 'tua/tuo'? It take it then that the rule applies to 'sua/suo' and 'loro' as well then?


All except loro which always has the article even in the singular. Additionally it never changes form for gender and number it is always loro, never I lori or le lore


Thanks, I can see now why la tua is wrong, but why is tua not being accepted?


Because it is implied that it is your sister; a personal family member.


with members of family they don't use " la le " in the singular.


Why is "Come sta Sua sorella oggi?" also correct? Doesn't that mean "How is his/her sister today? " (And, by the way, why is Sua written with capital S? Looks like an error to me...)


Perché e la sorella di Lei (formal you)


Yes, shouldn't it be 'tua' anyway?


Why is sua capitalized?


Perché e la sorella di Lei (formal you)


This is still confusing. Would I use Sua instead of tua in all other cases too or just for family members?

[deactivated user]


    I have seen come va used instead of come sta....please comment


    They're all equivalent... "Come va?", "Come stai?", "Com'è?" (north Italy slang)... BUT those three are used when referring to someone directly (how are YOU)... You CAN'T say 'come va tua sorella' or 'com'è tua sorella'... These questions would have other meanings (the first would literally mean how is your sister going, like by car, by bike, whereas the second would mean how is your sister like)


    Well how are we supposed to know that? I translated the statement literally as 'Come è tua sorella oggi?' and got it wrong. I don't think it's wrong.


    There are so many nuances in a language. If we understood correct Italian, we wouldn't be here studying! ;-)

    I think how we come to know it is just going over the sentences until the structure starts to feel natural to us.

    I know it's frustrating to get your answer marked wrong when you think it's right, but I'm deferring to the experts. Sometimes they're not consistent, but living language is like that. This is a hell of a deal, and I'm beyond grateful that this site is free. I can practice all I want until I get comfortable with it.


    That might be the equivalent of "how's it going" as opposed to "how are you", though I'm still no expert.


    For the sentence "How is your mother?" Duo gives "Come è tua madre?" as another answer, but for this sentence, if you give "Come è tua sorella oggi?", DL rejects it as an error. Anyone know why or is this one of DL's idiosyncrasies?


    Why can't you use the informal 'stai' in this sentence?


    I think it's because "stai" is the second person conjugation, though I'm no expert.


    Why woukd you ever ask "how all of your sister are today?" (Vostri instead of tuo) The sentance doesnt make sense in english..


    "Vostra sorella" is just used because you are talking to more than one person. It would be used if someone was facing my brothers when I'm not around and they asked my brothers "how is your sister today?" Perfectly reasonable sentence.

    If they said "Come sta tua sorella?" when facing both of my brothers, the question asker would be deliberately directing the question at one brother and ignoring my other brother which would be pretty rude.

    If you are facing a group of people who don't share a common sister - ie two friends - then, yes it is nonsensical. You would probably say "Come sta le vostre sorelle?" instead.


    sua is his or her. come sta tua sorella oggi is how is your sister today


    Two problems. 1. It should be 'tua' (your) instead of 'sua' (his/her); 2. Isn't there any acceptance for the definite article here? Like in "Come sta LA tua sorella oggi?"

    Please fix / comment.


    I wrote "Come sta la tua sorella oggi" Why wasn't it accepted?


    Why is la tua sorella wrong? doesn't it mean your sister? can see that others have asked but can't find a response


    Could this also be considered correct? : Com'è il tuo sorrella oggi


    Now, gow is it sua???


    Why not :"Come sta la tua sorella oggi?" I don't get that


    Why is "com'e la vostra sorella oggi" wrong?


    why "vostra" sorella and not come sta "tua" sorella oggi?


    Both work. "Tua" is the possessive for the singular female you, "Vostra" is the one for plural feminine (you all).


    I thought that come sta means how are you


    gud question to ask your frnds

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