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swedish for english speakers mobile version?

Hey there, Can anyone tell me when the course swedish for english speakers will be available for the android app?

thanks a lot, Lutz

(p.s. sorry for posting it in the spanish area)

December 14, 2014


[deactivated user]

    I'm hoping this will be on ios soon, My duolingo widget says I need to enable the swedish coach so I clicked on it and I was almost able to answer a question! It quickly told me my language was not supported but it sure seemed like it was! Come on DuoLingo, I need mobile support!


    Absolutely agree with this - Swedish has been on my list of languages to learn for a long time (Esperanto the other one) and I'm impatient, especially as it's new year. Please iOS mobile soon, please??


    Wondering the same thing , hopefully it includes tips and notes


    Tips and notes are not even seen on mobile for phase 3 courses, how do you expect tips and notes to be able to be seen for a beta course?


    You know they could update the whole thing, not just for the swedish course, every app gets improved over time


    You know, there is a way to practice Swedish on mobile. Original thread: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5926350


    Off topic, first, second, I know that bug since day one, as I have given a different solution, as you see from my comment there.


    Swedish is still fairly new. I don't even think there's been an app update (on iphone) since it came out. Dutch and Irish had each been out for a block of time (more than a month?) before they made it to the iphone app, and I believe it may have been after that that they appeared on android. I'd give it a bit longer (to really reduce the error rate), but it will be there soon enough.


    Dutch, Danish and Irish took 2 months I think?


    Update your app now; it's here!!!!!!!

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