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[Bug] Reminder email notifications never on right time

I never get the reminder email on right time, before I had it set to 19:00 but because I was not getting it right I tried setting to 20:00 but still doesn't work.

Generally I get the email at 22:00 or later, one day I received it at 23:57. Thankfully I was just finishing my lesson on that day.

The WP app doesn't help either, sometimes I get the notification around 1:00 but sometimes it's around 12:00.

This is really boring as if I forget that day I'm only reminded when it's almost too late.

December 15, 2014



I think e-mails can get delayed for various reasons not connected with Duolingo. If the internet is very busy then e-mails can get delayed in different mail servers, unless they have been given a high priority, for several hours.


I can understand that this may happen but this only happened to me back there in the 90s.

It's a 2~3 hours gap every day, their servers or internet speed must be really bad so the emails get such a big delay. And the WP version can simply check the phone clock, but it doesn't work either.

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