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Basics 2 - Hast du sie essen sehen?

[deactivated user]

    "Mark all correct translations (more than one can be correct)

    Hast du sie essen sehen?

    Correct translations: Did you see her eat? Did you see them eat?"

    I do not understand, why "Did you see her eat" is correct? I thought that "essen" points that it is about we/you(formal)/they, and for "he/she/it/you(plural)" it will be "isst".

    UPD: I have reviewed my question, and now I do not understand more - why "sehen" and not "siehst"? I am assuming that it is because of Past Tense, just can not google right things.

    October 27, 2012



    Sorry, I cannot explain, why the past tense is not "gesehen" instead of "sehen", but it is definately correct. "essen" is infinitive.


    Start more simply. "Sie isst" = she eats/is eating. "Ich sehe sie essen" = I see her eating. "Ich habe sie essen gesehen" = I have seen her eating. I would have faulted a sentence like "ich habe sie essen sehen" in school, although I know some people use that construction.


    "Essen" is used in the infinitive form. The sentence itself is probably wrong, but you could say for example

    Ich habe dich essen (ge)sehen. Ich habe sie essen (ge)sehen. Ich habe ihn essen (ge)sehen. Ich habe euch essen (ge)sehen.

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